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Nov 03, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
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Rating: 16

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My Boat Show Events from Show Management


My Boat Show Events from Show Description

MyBoatShow is the official events app for The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), The St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show, The Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach (YBS) and The Palm Beach International Boat Show. The MyBoatShow app is ideal for visitors to these events as it will help them to navigate these shows and find the boats and marine products they are searching for.

The application will:
• Provide event details such as event costs and times, as well as locations of rest rooms, food and drinks, show offices and bus pickup and drop-off.
• Search for the boats and yachts by size range, manufacturer and type, including their location at the show.
• Search for vendors of yachting, sailing and marine products including their booth locations.
• Provide an interactive map to help guide users at the events and provide general location of boating exhibits within the confines of the show.
• Users will be able to view different levels of detailed map views.
• Users can build a list of their favorite powerboats, sailing boats, super yachts or other marine products for future reference.
• The app has links to Facebook and Twitter and to Show Management’s YouTube Channel showing various boat show videos.
• MyBoatShow also includes an announcements system to provide important updates and news during the shows along with any changes to the bus schedules at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show or the busses traveling between the Yacht and Brokerage show and the Miami Boat show.

Once the application is installed, you will see a list of Boat Show Events. Select the current event and then click the "Search Boats, Exhibitors, Map" button to have show specific data loaded into the application. This process may take a moment depending on your network speed (3G or WI-FI).

The MyBoatShow app is updated through an integration with the event’s website. As the Show Management website is updated, all relevant information is updated in the app.

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