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May 30, 2014
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mpengo TimePaths


mpengo TimePaths Description

mpengo TimePaths is the App you need to effectively create and manage a project schedule from start to finish while on-site. mpengo TimePaths is easy to use and understand and has all of the important features of more complicated desktop programs.
With mpengo TimePaths you can use your iPad to create project plans and schedules quickly, easily, and anywhere. Finally you can move away from desktop bound planning. By simply listing your tasks and some details, you can produce project timelines which are easy to read and understand with no need to take notes and do rework back at the office.
You can use mpengo TimePaths as a stand-alone app, or you can use it with other mpengo apps. Work created in mpengo Project and mpengo Quotes can be easily exported to mpengo TimePaths to make developing a new project schedule simple.

mpengo TimePaths Highlights:

• View tasks by Activity or by Date
• Review your plan in a written detail view or as a visual chart
• Indicate fixed start dates or establish dependencies and plan the start of a task based on the end of another
• Keep track of activities by including percentage complete for each task
• Assign resources to tasks for planning or for later analysis
• Use templates to set up standard projects and easily transfer them into new projects
• View a variety of reports including Timelines, Charts, Resource analysis, and more
• Import project details and templates from your PC
• Export timelines and templates information to a spreadsheet compatible format for use in other programs
• Integrated eMail and Airprint

All mpengo Ltd. apps are supported with 24/7 email support

mpengo Ltd.: Take your office to work instead of taking work to the office

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