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Momiji - Bookmarking the way it should be (iPad edition with full Pinb

Tame your bookmarks today!

Use many devices? Tired of losing your bookmarks? So was I. Then I built a better way to bookmark: Momiji.

Momiji is a new streamlined bookmarking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

■ Wave Bye-Bye To Bookmark Management

Up until now bookmarks were always a side-feature of the browser, forcing you to manually organize them. And when you wanted to use your bookmarks across devices/apps you've always had to manually export → import them or mail them individually to yourself. All of this only distracts you from what you really want to do: Adding, finding and viewing bookmarks.

Momiji does away with all this.

■ Focused On Simplicity, So You Can Simply Focus!

Momiji could not be simpler to use. In fact, it does most of the work for you. Including auto-filling bookmark titles and keywords so finding them later is guaranteed.

Laziness has never been so productive! Of course, if you want to pick your own title or keywords you can.

■ Momiji & Pinboard - A Match Made In Heaven

Already using Pinboard? Then you'll absolutely love Momiji!

Momiji is designed for and provides full support for Pinboard bookmarks. And best of all, since Momiji works offline, your Pinboard bookmarks not only go everywhere you do, they can even be edited offline. Momiji is about to become your new favorite Pinboard app!

■ Effortless Wi-Fi Syncing

You can also sync bookmarks instantly and directly between your iPhone, iPad and Mac over Wi-Fi. And because only your network is used and bookmarks are encrypted, it's completely private and secure!

■ Get Ready to Save your Time

Since your bookmarks are always synced you won't need to remember if that one bookmark is on your iPad or your Mac. With Momiji's powerful search feature you'll find it in no time. Be prepared to measure search time in seconds instead of minutes!

And if you can't find that one bookmark you swore you had, Momiji will save you time by offering to search the same term online. Momiji doesn't stop until you've got results.

■ Socially Outgoing

A page worth bookmarking is a page worth sharing with friends and family. Momiji makes it easy to share your favorite bookmarks to Twitter and Facebook as well as mail them, all with a single click!

Major Features

● Auto-discovery of page details, snapshots, favicons
● Import browser bookmarks
● Powerful bookmark search
● Pinboard sync support
● Local network sync over LAN and Wi-Fi
● Works offline
● Personal notes / annotations
● Export / backup support
● Social sharing via Twitter, Facebook, mail
● Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions for easy adding bookmarks (Momiji for Mac only)
● English, Japanese languages supported (more on the way!)

Momiji is how bookmarking should be. Get it now and see for yourself!

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