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Jul 24, 2011
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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Mobile Locker Description

For times when a simple slide-deck is not sufficient, Mobile Locker offers companies the ability to present their products and services in a dynamic, engaging way. Through the use of videos, graphics, animation, and navigation, Mobile Locker turns your iPad into a vibrant and easy-to-use presentation tool, customized specifically for your business.

Benefits of Mobile Locker:
- User-friendly and intuitive; No training required
- Presentations are downloaded wirelessly and updated automatically
- Presentations are built in HTML5 (video, audio, animations, PDF, etc)
- Offline Access (including videos)
- Robust User Security & Access: Users only see the presentations they're allowed to see based on rules you define (Sales Force A, Sales Force B, etc)

Mobile Locker downloads and stores presentations on your iPad, allowing you the freedom to bring your company’s message anywhere, even without an internet connection. And because Mobile Locker presentations are written in HTML5, you and your team will have full creative freedom to customize your presentations. If it can be done in HTML5 on the iPad, it will work in Mobile Locker!

Mobile Locker also includes an automatic updating feature so you can be sure that your reps always have the most accurate and up-to-date presentation, even when they're on the road. If you change a presentation in the home office and upload it to Mobile Locker, the update will be seamlessly synchronized with each employee's iPad the next time they launch Mobile Locker.

The benefits of using Mobile Locker extend beyond sales and promotion; it is also the perfect tool for in-office demonstrations, corporate training materials, conference booths, and everything in between.

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