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Oct 22, 2011
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
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MGI marbles


MGI marbles Description

Do you want to decorate your environment with the most exclusive and exquisite Italian marble
and find out which combination is the most appropriate to your idea of interior design?
The app MGI Marble contains a environment configurator that allows you to customize six examples of architectural interiors with color, texture and finishes. Simply touch the floor or the wall of the environment preset, choose a color or a type of marble from the MGI catalog and the screen immediately shows the effect of the selected product in the chosen environment with startling realism.
To find the right combination of colors and surfaces for residential and commercial rooms of high prestige becomes so high simple and fun.
MGI Marble offers six types of environment: living room, bathroom, shop, hotel lobbies, office lobby, ventilated façade. All well changeable with the combination of 8 different types of marble in 6 finishes in order to have the widest choice and assessment.
The app MGI MARBLE, contains much more. Apart of presenting the
MGI Sicilmarmi, one of the most important Italian brands in the extraction and marketing of exclusive marbles from owned quarries you can find detailed information about the CALDIA CUBE© project. An innovative initiative for the development of an ancient material for architecture, contemporary art and design.
Under the supervision of the art critic Wolf Günter Thiel, CALDIA CUBE© Project offers to three artists, three designers and three internationally renowned architects the opportunity to mesure themselves with a marble cube and interpret in absolute creative freedom. The only limit has been the time, only one month to produce an object that will be produced as an edition of 5.
The participants in the first edition, which will be exhibited at the Marble fair Hall 7B at Marmomacc 2011 VERONA (Italy) the artists Michele Chiossi (I), Hofstetter Kurt (A), Giuseppe Silvestri (I); the designer Francesco Lucchese (I), Karim Rashid (USA), Leonard Theosabrata (ID) and the archtects Davide Macullo (CH), Alessia Garibaldi e
Giorgio Piliego (I).
In the next months the exhibition will be shown in London and Paris, in 2012 the project will be presented in Moskow
fair. Zeitung für Kunst und Ästhetik magazine – Vienna and Berlin (, media partner of Caldia Cube will give an entire page to each invited artists in order to describe the work. The magazine will be the catalogue of Caldia Cube project.

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