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Oct 14, 2013
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MFA Fleet Manager


MFA Fleet Manager Description

This was designed to meet the needs of a Small Fleet Rental System. Mainly for a Smash Repair Shop Renting out Courtesy Vehicles or Not at Fault Insurance Paid Rental Vehicles. A simple form with some quick and easy steps to complete the rental of a vehicle to a customer and also to yourself (unless you request a Free Online Account.

It's purpose is to either add the Vehicle information or collect from the database cloud system.
Start to: Take a photo of the Drivers License Front and back. Or complete Information Fields.
Then enter vehicle information from the Plate Number search (cloud web only. Version 2.0 will allow you to add the vehicle info and store it.) Complete details of vehicle for rent, date, time, kms when loaned. Add insurance scheme you select.
Inspect Vehicle with new Copyright draw pad for vehicle damage record.
Add further notes to this item.
Then Sign on signature pad to finalize Rental Terms and Conditions and save/email and send.

In order to access the website and have further features that include web data storage on our website. Please email company details to open a new account FREE.!

Please email

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