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Jun 12, 2014
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Avg. score: 2
Rating: 52

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MEyePro HD


MEyePro HD Description

MEyePro HD allows iPad users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders. The version support more convenient settings & functions. Features include: iPhone and iPod Touch compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for authentication. Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom control. Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers. Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local photo gallery. Support for landscape and portrait mode. Ability to change ip address and port as desired for internal and remote users. Support history view to switch different camera IP convenient. Support DVRs or IPCameras of different manufactures.

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User reviews of MEyePro HD

cwmartin59 on November 02,2011 Useful (2)      Useless (0)
Correction to my previous post. It will allow me to select view 1, view 2 and view 4. It will not let me select view 3. When I attempt to select view 3, I receive the Alert message indicating Max user error. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next software release.
cwmartin59 on November 02,2011 Useful (0)      Useless (0)
The App works as advertised on my IPAD. I can access my cameras via 3G internet using DDNS website or view the cameras directly over my LAN via WiFi. The only problem I have is that the total number of views available at any one time is four. There is no adjustment. After selecting a view and enlarging it, I had trouble getting the App to go back to the 4 screen multiple view. After I tapped the screen, it returned to the 4 view display. Screen display shows version 1.0.0 while information panel indicates 1.1.0. Also activating more than two of the four views, I receive an Alert stating Max user error. Not sure why or what this message means. It would be nice is a window was available to provide a quick description of the functions. I was expecting a little bit more for my money, but it does meet my needs for now.

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