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Jun 09, 2014
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Max Mobile Security


Max Mobile Security Description

Max Mobile Security protects and manages all personal and corporate mobile devices running iOS. It is an effective protection for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices against theft and loss. Safe Browser protects against malicious links and inappropriate content, phishing websites and fraudulent content. Anti-Theft remotely locates your phone from any place with an internet connection, sets an Alarm (Scream) on your lost device even if volume is turned Off. Contact Backup allows you to easily Backup and Restore contacts on your device as well as to your Email account.

1) Contact Backup:
Backup Now: Easily backup all of your Contacts on your device and email.
Restore Now: Restore Contacts from the device or on other devices from back up.

2) Anti-theft:
This features protects your device against theft & can help you find lost device. Log in to from any computer, tablet or phone and manage Anti theft features.

a. Locate your lost device from anywhere, on any internet connected device on a map
b. Sound a loud alarm to find your lost device if you think it’s nearby (even if you left it on silent)

3) Safe Browser -
Designed to let you surf Internet in safety. Its a very simple and user friendly browser app with useful features.

Features of Safe Browser:
a. Manage Block List works as Parental control: No other similar safe browsers App has this feature available. You can add your own list of websites that you want to block in addition to protecting against malicious links and inappropriate content automatically.
b. Add Bookmark: User can Bookmark any web URL , access the url after this by its name.
c. Download Files: Download PDF files and view under Downloaded Files from tap bar>Settings.
d. Pinch & Zoom: Zoom IN/ Zoom OUT any page.


e. Full screen mode
b. Tabbed Browsing
c.Pinch and zoom
d. Landscape mode
e. Bookmarks
f. URL history
g. Copy/Paste
h .Save PDF documents

Additional Features:
a. Disable JavaScript:
b. Disable Image: Disable/enable image on webpages for faster browsing.
c. Block Pop-up Window
d. Remember History of browsed urls.
e. Show browsing History
f. Increase Page Limit
g. Decrease Page Limit
h. Clear Cookies
i. Clear Browsing History

These settings should be ON in your device for this App to work properly.

1.Settings -> Notification Center -> Messages -> App's notification should be on.
2.Settings -> General -> Background app refresh -> App notification should be on.
3.Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Max Mobile Security should be on.

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