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May 25, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
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Math Ready Gr 1-1


Math Ready Gr 1-1 Description

MathReady K-3 Program

The MathReady apps comprise a complete curriculum for grades K – 3. These apps offer more than just practice and are not a game. They offer instruction, as well as practice, which allow the learner to master the prerequisite skills needed to meet the standards set by the Common Core National Standards.

Program interface is simple and intuitive, designed to be user-friendly, allowing students to proceed without adult assistance. An animated rabbit, or teacher, depending on the grade level of the App, provides verbal instruction and immediate feedback to the student-user. This instruction increases the learner’s ability to listen as well as to understand some of the key steps needed to master mathematics at their grade level.

This is one of twelve Apps in the MathReady Program. The MathReady Program of twelve Apps is a sequential supplemental K-3 math curriculum series. Our Apps are the building blocks for the new Common Core National Standards.

The author and creator, Dr. Gary Bitter, Professor of Educational Technology at Arizona State University is one of the most prominent educational technology experts in the field of student learning today. His many years of ground-breaking research and development of digital curriculum is transforming learning environments through portable training tools like MathReady, that can be used any where, any time.

MathReady, can also be used to reinforce classroom activities particularly as part of the Common Core National Standards. Teachers know that the readiness experience for mathematics is accomplished through children using materials and planned activities. Dr. Bitter says that besides practicing the major goals of readiness of mathematics, the student is learning to listen and respond to what is heard. The kindergarten Apps are the first step towards the ultimate goal of total user-friendly education at an early age. They actually prepare the student for a life time of learning the major skills in grade-level mathematics.

MathReady provides three Apps per grade with three to four lessons per App. Below are the standards that are included in each App for this grade level. For more information contact TeacherPower at

Gr 1.1
Readiness Review - Compare size and length, recognize geometric shapes, left, right, in, and out, and numbers through 9, and patterns
Beginning Addition - Addition of sets with sums up to and including 9
Addition Facts to Nine - Pictorial, equations as, and horizontal and vertical representation of addition facts, The use and symbol for the words plus and equals

Gr 1.2
Beginning Subtraction - Pictorial representation of subtraction facts
Subtraction Facts to Nine - Pictorial, equations as, and horizontal and vertical representation of subtraction facts, The use and symbol for the words minus and equals
Greater Than-Less Than - Inequalities using the number line

Gr 1.3
Addition and Subtraction Story Problems - Use clue words to help solve problems
Time and Money - Tell time (hour to half-hour) and differentiate money (penny, nickel, and dime)
Addition Facts to 18 - Use the number line to solve addition problems
Subtraction Facts to 18 - Use the number line to solve subtraction problems

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