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Jul 13, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Lena Park OKESTRA Description

'Lena Park OKESTRA' Application Album

A New Way To Enjoy Music, OKESTRA!!

R&B Diva Lena Park's OKE-file form application album.
Lena Park is becoming more popular from the MBC TV program 'Survival, I am a singer', and you can listen her 4th album 'Op,4' and 5th album 'On&On' through this application.
The application included Lena Park's best songs with her emotional voice in OKE-file which possible to recording.
Also, included photo gallery and HD M/V.

■『 Track List 』
01 Plastic Flower(상사병)
02 꿈에
03 Someone
04 사랑이 올까요
05 생활의 발견
06 미운 오리
07 미장원에서
08 여자친구 참 예쁘네
09 게으름뱅이
10 이별하러 가는 길
11 떨쳐
12 나의 어머니
13 Puff
14 Ode
15 아름다운 너를
16 Long goodbye
17 달
18 Miracle
19 알아볼께요
20 미래
21 그러지 마세요
22 오늘이라면
23 미아
24 싱글 링
25 Very Thought
26 Ghost
27 하비샴의 왈츠

■ A New Way To Enjoy Music, OKESTRA!!
Let’s enjoy and sing with patented OKE-file format which is produced with original tracks, accompaniment of the artist, and lyrics.
Application Album that can save your own recorded songs after singing and you can also listen your music with high definition player skin.
(*OKE-file: It is an interactive new concept music file format created from the original soundtrack and its original accompaniment. It also includes lyrics and photos.)

■ Main features
・Enjoy The Original Tracks.
・Enjoy The Original Poster, Steal Cut And Etc.
・Appreciate Music Videos.
・Turning off and on vocal sound of original tracks in real time while listening.
・Record your own songs with accompaniment without the vocal sound from original track. (Vocal sound can be turned on and off during recording)
・See the lyrics during recording and playing.
・Mix and save after recording.
・A New Music Player which can play own songs on the iPod and iPhone. (Include Shake Shuffle and four types of high-resolution skin)
・Separated volume adjustment Between the original track and instrument track.

Support Devices : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4GWhen you record in iPod without headphone or using the removed vocal function, it caused noise.

■ Notice
OKE-file can be played in only OKESTRA to prevent the leak of original tracks.

■ Patent Korea NO. 10-991264
International PCT/KR2010/007972

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