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Jun 12, 2014
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Kronos Tablet™


Kronos Tablet™ Description

NOTE: Kronos provides enterprise Workforce Management applications – to enable this app, your employer must have Workforce Central server software configured for Kronos Tablet. Contact your system administrator for details.

To see what Kronos can do on your iPad, download the app and then click on ‘Try a Demo.”

Manage Your Workforce in the Moment.
Anywhere. Anytime.

The Kronos® Workforce Tablet™ solution provides managers with constant mobile access to their Workforce Central® system — all through the simple, convenient, and compelling user experience offered by the iPad® . Kronos delivers the power of a back-office PC to managers who don’t work in the back office. Managers can easily record and access real-time labor data and streamline decision making by staying constantly connected to Workforce Central on their tablet.

On-the-go access allows managers to maximize productivity for themselves and their employees by making critical workforce management decisions instantly — from the shop floor, across the building, or when traveling from store to store.

• Access your Workforce Central system on the go, from any location at any time
• Take critical workforce actions quickly and easily using the large mobile display, intuitive multi-touch screen,
and vibrant graphics
• View dashboards, schedules, staffing, or handle exceptions and time-off requests with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe of the finger
• Manage in the moment with GeoSensing that automatically detects your location and instantly sets the context on reports, timecard approval, exceptions, and schedules
• Adjust employee schedules in real time and view overtime reports to maintain productivity, quality, and service levels

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