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Jan 07, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 9

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Kiddie Countdown - Activity Timer (Free)


Kiddie Countdown - Activity Ti Description

Kiddie Countdown is the activity timer that makes it really easy for you to help your children to keep track of time – whatever they are doing!

Are you tired of complaining whenever you ask your kids to “do your homework”, “practise your guitar”, “get your shoes”, “turn off that computer”, “stop playing on the games console”, “tidy your room”? Do they moan, ask for 10 more minutes, whine that it’s not fair and argue that they haven’t had enough time? When you need them to hurry do they dawdle and take too long to do even the simplest things? Are you tired of the arguments caused by their lack of understanding of the passage of time?

★★★ HOW IT WORKS ★★★
Stop the arguments and reduce the complaining with Kiddie Countdown – our countdown timer with a child-friendly twist!

Kiddie Countdown makes it easy for your kids to see how much time they have left for a particular task.

For example you might want them to take 10 minutes to get their shoes on for nursery or school. Simply set Kiddie Countdown to countdown 10 minutes – then put it somewhere your little ones will be able to see it easily. They'll be able to watch the seconds count down in the clear display, running through green to amber to red as the time runs out.

You can also set when they will get an “early warning” so they'll know the time is almost up – useful if you want them to hurry up!

Kiddie Countdown also supports background alarms so even if it isn’t running in the foreground, you will still get the alarms.

With an easy to use interface, clear attractive displays, fun sounds and vast range of uses, Kiddie Countdown is a must-have for any parent or carer.

✓ Homework
✓ Practice Sessions
✓ Play Time
✓ Chores
✓ Computer
✓ Television
✓ Consoles
✓ Getting ready
✓ Board Games
✓ Bedtime

★★★ FREE OR PAID ★★★
This free version includes advertising. The paid version doesn’t. It’s your choice!

Improved audio handling
Themes (bedtime, school, homework, etc.)

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