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Mar 26, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 6

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Jot It Down!


Jot It Down! Description

Jot It Down! makes your device a handy jotter ready for use.
Perfect to take notes, to jot ideas down and to comment on photos, Jot It Down! lets you share your work, exporting it into your device, sending it by e-mail, sharing it on the most important social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.
A handy and intelligent tool, essential for your free time as much as for your work.

Key Features:

✓ A full virtual jotter
Jot It Down! works like a full virtual notepad and scratch pad. Flick through your notes and sketches, turning pages like on a real jotter, choose your felt-tip, the color and texture of your sheet (plain, squared, horizontally or vertically ruled).

✓ Handy tools ready for use
Choose the color (from black, blue, red, green and white) and the thickness of your felt-tip, write, draw and erase in just one stroke.

✓ Fluent and natural writing
Jot It Down! implements a powerful and sophisticated writing system, expressly developed for the best natural stroke, just as you write with a felt-tip.

✓ Well-organized and capacious files
Your notes and sketches are automatically saved as you turn the page. Files are organized by date and time, in order that everything is in place and you are able to get and to erase your notes in just one stroke. There is no limit to the number of storeable notes, only your device's physical memory.

✓ System open to the world
You can change the orientation of the output images, add comments, change background and share your work in just one stroke, exporting it into your device, sending it by e-mail, sharing it on the most important social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

✓ One application for all your devices
Jot It Down! is ready to be installed on your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You pay once and use it on all your devices, taking advandage of their distinctive feature.

✓ Fully compatible with retina display
Jot It Down! takes advantage of the distinctive feature of the device on which it is installed, changing its graphics according to display size and resolution. Output images are re-sized as well, in order that you make full use of your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, with or without retina display.

(iOS 4.2 or later required)

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