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Jun 07, 2014
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Job Safety Analysis (JSA) iPhone


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***Ranked in Top 20 Utility Apps in Australia in its first week***

Are you a Business Manager, Owner or Safety Personnel that sees the benefit of reducing JSA paperwork to keep your people safe? Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency throughout your business, through a JSA (also known as a SWMS - Safe Work Method Statement)?

Here at Team Solutions Training (TST) our Mission is to provide "deliberately different" training and cutting edge technologies to help save more lives and increase productivity.

We have witnessed first hand the inefficiencies and negativity associated with completing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The Managing Director, Kym Steer, has spent years working and training top clientele in Risk Management has seen first hand the pitfalls and successes of Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

The TST "Job Safety Analysis (JSA)" App is an Innovative new way to complete JSAs / SWMS and has been designed with the ability to:
- Create your own JSAs with easy to use menus.
- Use the pre-filled options to complete it faster and spend the time reviewing rather than writing.
- Use the clear Risk Matrix that's fun to play with to enable concentration for calculating risk.
- Take photos of Hazards & Risks.
- Save time in the field.
- GPS tag your location for each and every JSA / SWMS.

Trial it out for FREE now.

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