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Jun 12, 2014
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Job Interview Questions Prep


Job Interview Questions Prep Description

Job Interview Questions Prep is a free video app that helps you improve your answers to tough interview questions by letting you see how an interview expert thinks about and answers each question.
Job interview coach Peggy McKee, CEO of Career Confidential, asks and answers some of the common but tough job interview questions you will be asked in your next interview.
Through these 1-2 minute videos, you will see and hear the best way to structure your answer in order to make a strong, positive impression on the hiring manager and stand out from all the other candidates.
You will be more confident in your interviews because you will know what the hiring manager is looking for in your answer, and you will be able to deliver an answer that is powerful and unique to your own situation.
Career Confidential has shared this tool with 3000 members on their website,, and 99% said it improved their interview skills immediately.
Now we want to share it with you.
Get these 5 questions for free:
Tell me about yourself.
Why do you want to join this company?
Why have you been out of work for so long?
Describe yourself to me in one word.
What have you been doing since you got laid off?
After these 5, you will have the option to access 25 additional questions, like:
What salary are you looking for?
We do not think you have enough (or the right kind) of experience.
Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
Tell me about a time when you failed.
And many more.
Career Confidential CEO Peggy McKee has been coaching job seekers to success since 1999. Over 13 years of experience and advice are at your fingertips with this exciting, well-designed, simple-to-use app.

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