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May 08, 2013
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 6780

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Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe HD: Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe HD: Virt Description

Simple and easy to use from the very first time you open it, yet sophisticated enough for the serious puzzler. It's designed with you in mind—perfect for every age and every level. It's a fast paced game, it's a relaxing afternoon, it's a smooth walk of the fingers, it's making memories with your kids or grandkids, it's a fresh taste of an old favorite—it's Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe!

Are you looking for the perfect "kid friendly" app? Or maybe you're a jigsaw puzzle fanatic. Whoever you are, Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe is for you. We have taken extra pains to make sure that every puzzle is a rich, fun, fresh experience. We have years of experience designing jigsaw puzzles apps that appeal to puzzlers of all ages, from kids to retirees, and skill levels from a toddler putting together their first 4 piece puzzle, all the way to the avid puzzler who spends days putting together their "masterpiece."

Turn any picture into a beautiful HD puzzle. Get tired of the tons of built in pictures? No problem. Take one of your own or choose one from your library. With Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe you will never run out of new puzzles.

Think you're the fastest puzzler around? Now you can know for sure with Game Center Leader-board integration. Keep an eye on your friend's puzzle times and even challenge them to beat your score*. Jigsaw puzzles just became an adrenaline filled race to beat your friends best time.

What's even more fun than doing a puzzle yourself? Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe is truly multi-touch. Puzzle with your kids, your spouse, your friends, or maybe just use both hands!

With tons of beautiful images, and more puzzle packs available, there is something for everyone. Plus, every inch of this app looks simply HD beautiful.

Check out just some of the amazing features Jigsaw Puzzles Deluxe comes with:

√. Easy to use interface
√. Kid friendly, yet smooth and sleek
√. Tons of beautiful puzzles
√. Turn any photo into a puzzle
√. Save your favorite puzzles
√. Resume your unfinished puzzle
√. Game Center integration
√. Great soundtrack with option to choose your own music

If you're still reading this, you've just lost some precious puzzle time! Download now to be submerged into the most intuitive, innovative jigsaw puzzle app out there!

*Requires iOS 6 or later to challenge friends.

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