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May 17, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Japan Pocket Dictionary (with WebBrowser)


Japan Pocket Dictionary (with Description

"Japan Pocket Dictionary" (with advanced WebBrowser) is an offline multi-languagese dictionary dedicated to Japanese persons or who studying Japanese.

● Dictionaries functions:

+ It included following dictionary database:
- English - Japanese (90,000 words include samples)
- Japanese - English (100,000 words include samples)
- French - Japanese (80,000 words)
- Japanese - French (160,000 words)
- German - Japanese (125,296 words)
- Japanese - German (200,000 words)
- Korean - Japanese (90,000 words)
- Japanese - Korean (160,000 words)
- Italian - Japanese (70,000 words)
- Spanish - Japanese (80,000 words)
- Japanese - Spanish (160,000 words)
- Portuguese - Japanese (60,000 words)
- Japanese - Portuguese (160,000 words)
- Vietnamese - Japanese (50,000 words)
- Japanese - Vietnamese (400,000 words)
- Dutch - Japanese (70,000 words)
- Russian - Japanese (90,000 words)
(You can also install many custom Stardict dictionaries if you want)

+ Dictionaries features:

- History support
- Instant search while typing
- Shake to start looking for new word
- Cross lookup in detail view
- Auto lookup text in clipboard

● Advanced Web Browser
Inside the application, there is a Web Browser to help you read foreign websites and news. Every time you found out [new word], please select the text, choose [Look up] or [Translate] menu to find out the meaning.

- [Look up] menu: will open detail explanation of the new word by using dictionary in the application
- [Translate] menu: will translate selected text into another language (refer to [Setting] tab)
- WebBrowser support open multi-tab at the same time
- Hold a URL will allow you to open it in backgroud to read later
- Support Bookmarks
- Translate function support 105 languages (need to run online)
- Search and Highlight Text
- Search in this Site
- Send URL via email
- Open in Safari
- Shorten URL (use
- Shorten URL (use tinyurl)
- Clear Cookies and Cache
- Download as PDF
- Show only images
- Hide all images
- Toggles images
- Show all links
- Share This
- Share in Facebook
- Share on Twitter
- Share via
- Translate to English
- Translate to Vietnamese
- Translate to Japanese
- Translate to French
- Translate to German
- Look up selected word
- Get site info
- Validate HTML
- Send to Instapaper
- Scroll to bottom
- Toggles CSS (on/off)
- View HTML Source
- Search IMDB
- Search music
- Search Images
- Search Amazon
- Search eBay
- Search
- Search in the thesaurus
- Search on Wikipedia
- Search similar sites

★by using Bookmarklets, you also could add more customized functions to the web browser★

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