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Apr 09, 2013
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iWiFinder - WiFi Unlocker


iWiFinder - WiFi Unlocker Description

iWiFinder is the ultimate tool to recover default factory keys from your router devices, to find out if your Wi-Fi network is secure enough. Created by a powerful database from various "smart" algorithms added, iWiFinder supports most of the known routers on many countries worldwide.

► Instructions for use:
1. Press the "Find" button from main menu.
2. Select the network type (Thomson/Other or CYTA).
3. Insert the last 6 characters of the network's name for Thomson/Other (e.g. for ThomsonF8A3D0 insert 'F8A3D0') or the MAC address from the router for CYTA/Pirelli networks.
4. Press the "Search" button and wait for the keys to appear on your screen!

In case one of the generated keys doesn't matches to your network key, it is probably secure. Otherwise you have to change it as soon as possible for security issues.

The algorithm execution time depends on your device speed.

You can press on a generated key to copy and paste it wherever you want, save it to the favourite folder, send it via email or SMS and print it.

If you don't know which option to select for your router device, then select the Thomson/Other option and enter the last 6 characters of the network name.

► Highlights:
✔ No internet connection needed
✔ Powerful database & "smart" algorithms added
✔ Copy and paste your keys with one touch
✔ Send your keys via e-mail or SMS
✔ Save your keys into favourite
✔ Supports routers manufactured till 2012
✔ You do not need to know the manufacturer year of the device

► Supported router devices:
• Thomson/SpeedTouch
• Infinitum
• Jazztel
• Intercable
• CYTA/Pirelli Discus
• BTHomeHub

Note that iWiFinder is an application that generates keys to check if your network is secure enough and is not a hacking tool. If your network has not the same key is probably secure. Note that unauthorised access to a network is a crime punishable by the law on most countries. The developer cannot hold any responsibility from any misuse of this application.

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