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Nov 15, 2008
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 1627

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iTree - Christmas Tree - Snow Globe 3D Tree


iTree - Christmas Tree - Snow Description

iTree is a Snow Globe you can activate by shaking your phone - with special features around Christmas and the beginning of the year.

Main Features:
- Scene changes on dates towards Christmas
- Scene changes between Day / Night mode
- 3 types of Snowflakes available
- Snow also follows Gravity
- Cool 3D Graphics
- Realistic Snow Physics Simulation
- Two songs to choose from
- Added a rabbit to the outdoor scene

- Shake your phone to animate snow
- If you turn your phone the snow will fall in that direction
- Tapping on decorated tree switches lights on/off
- For Settings press icon on lower right
- For the Info Screen press icon on lower left
- Double tap screen for triggering animation of bear and rabbit characters

The scene of iTree updates on the following dates (during Christmas it has special features):
- Nov 24 : Don't be surprised if your Tree disappears for a couple of days
- Dec 1 : Tree arrives in the house
- Dec 6st : Tree lights up at 6pm every day
- Dec 15 : The first gifts arrive
- Dec 16-20 : More gifts arrive
- Dec 24 : The tree is lit
- Dec 25 : Enjoy the Holidays
- Jan 1 : Lights go back to normal
- Jan 10 : Outdoor scene shows up again
- Feb 25 : A new tree starts to grow

Don't forget to check on your tree on those dates to see what happens.

Note: Under iOS 5 you need to quit the application or reboot your device to have iTree pick up the new date (we are working on a fix).

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