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iThink Dirty

How dirty is your mind? Get the iThink Dirty? app and find out!

You can also use this app to see how dirty your significant other / coworkers / friends are... And don't forget to tease them about it!

✓ A personalized test based on your gender
✓ Over 50 titillating questions and images
✓ Fun and wacky voice commentary
✓ A completely unique experience each and every time

"I know what your thinking, yes, you don’t think you think dirty, well get the bar soap and get ready to wash your mouth out". 4/5 Heads - CrazyMikesApps

"The app is a laugh a dozen, and its bargain pricing means you won’t break the bank to give it a try." 3.5/5 Stars - The iPhone App Review

"Lots of laughs with family and friends." - 3.5/5 Stars - AppDictions

"Entertaining and fun you will have a great laugh with this app....definitely one for the office parties." - iPhoneGlance

"LOL my bf is gonna love this."
"I can't wait to show this to my boss ;)"
"OMG this app is hilarious!"

Your feedback, reviews and ratings will help us add more quizzes and questions, so keep 'em coming!

Visit our website for more info, pictures, and videos!


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