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Jun 04, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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iRigs - Carp Fishing Rigs by iAngler


iRigs - Carp Fishing Rigs by i Description

iRigs is a revolutionary new iPhone App designed for the dedicated carp angler and developed by iAngler. It is the first of its kind, bringing carp angling to you on your iPhone, whether that be at home, in the office or on the bank.

Follow the easy step by step guides and learn how to tie rigs, knots and lead systems. iRigs will also help you choose the right hooks and leads for every fishing situation.

Get that extra edge and fish with some of the rigs used by the professionals. This app features rigs from some of the biggest & best companies in the business including ESP, Korda, Shimano, Carp R Us, Thinking Anglers, Gardener and Nash... not to mention some other great rigs from the iAngler team that you won't of seen in any magazine.

Master how to tie an assortment of rigs that offer different presentations, no matter what the bait or the conditions. These rigs cover every situation, whether that be a boilie nailed hard to the bottom, a Zig Rig offered mid water or a Chod Rig cast tangle free to a showing fish in weed, the iAngler Carp Rig App covers them all.

We have so many rigs on the application, that we have also introduced a colour coded menu interface, so that at one glance you can see what presentations are most suited to the bottom you are fishing over, whether that be extreme weed, through to deep silt, we cover them all and more.

Get that extra edge by using these rigs, which have lead to the downfall of many monster carp all over the country.

Rigs covered in iRigs are: The Blowback Rig, The Bottom Bait Rig, The Chod Rig, The Combi Rig (Korda), The Fake Baits Rig (Thinking Anglers), The Fluoro Mouthsnagger Rig (Carp R Us), The KD Rig, The Mega Maggot Rig (Gardner), The Maggot Rig, The Multi-Rig, The Simple Faithful Rig (ESP), The Stiff Hinged Rig, The Stiff Fluoro Rig, The Swimmer Rig, The Triggalink Blowback Combi Rig (Nash), The Withy Pool Rig, The Zig Rig, The 360 Rig & The 360 Bent Hinge Rig (Shimano).

Lead Systems:
Choosing the correct lead system is vital to ensure fish safety and help you land every fish that you hook. Follow our guide and learn how to set up a Helicopter/Chod System (Thinking Anglers), an Inline Drop Off System, a Lead Clip System, a Naked Chod System, a Running Lead System and a Shocka System.

With so many different lines available it's crucial to marry the right knot with the right line. iRigs illustrates how to tie these knots in an easy step by step guide. Learn how to tie The Albright Knot, The Figure of Eight Knot, The Granny Knot, The Grinner Knot, The Half Blood Knot, The Knotless Knot, The Marker/Stop Knot and The Palomar Knot.

Hooks Patterns:
Learn how to select the correct hook for each angling situation to increase your chances of landing that fish of a lifetime.

Get the most out of your Leads with iRigs and you will discover why there are so many different shapes and what situations to apply them to.

More content to come in the updates so stay tuned...

All this information, for less than a packet of hooks. The app is in the itunes and android store now, for only £2.99.

To find out more about iAngler visit our website @

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