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Jun 12, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 6

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i.Protect - The Security Bag Description

"If you’re in the market for a password manager on the iPhone, you’re already well aware of the high prices these apps warrant. But at a smooth dollar, i.Protect is easily the best around. The app offers incredible (and safe) features at a rock-bottom price, and with such great design to boot, i.Protect is a hard app to pass up." - (5/5 stars)

Did you ever pay 5 – 10 USD for a password manager with small functionality?!
i.Protect is a safe for all your data and offers great features for a less price:
- Codes
- Photos
- Notes
- Bookmarks
- Private web browser
- Secret password generator

i.Protect has 7 main features to keep your iPhone/iPod/iPad secure:
- Password management with templates, folders and dynamic entries
- Browser, to visit webistes and show your profiles
- Links, to store your bookmarks safely
- Photos, import them from your library and keep them secure! (Saves in full resolution!)
- Notes, to safe your ideas, texts and images
- CodeGen - Generates safe passwords
- Folders + 2-layer-encryption (AES-256 + hardware encryption for authentification) + 2-layer-protection with UnlockCode and MasterPassword to keep your most private data secure. Configurable self-destroy.

- NEW -
- Backup your database and tranfer the backup to your Mac/PC. It can be transferred to another device and includes Codes, Links and Notes.

- MasterPassword and UnlockCode
- Self-festroy (configurable)
- Separate protection of folders and codes (configurable)
- Automatic MasterPassword and UnlockCode lock (configurable)
- Backup database

This app NEVER communicates online or sends your data away.

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