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Jun 09, 2014
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iPreFlight3 Description

The Aircraft Performance Group (APG) has release an application for use on the iPad, which integrates their Runway Analysis (RWA) and Weight and Balance (WB) system with a flight planning module. The combination of these functions allows the user to easily and quickly calculate the available payload for a planned flight – this service is known as MPE™ (Max Payload Estimator).

iPreFlight™, has been developed to run on the iPad using the latest iPad technology. iPreFlight™ is a first-of-a-kind product that requires minimum user input to quickly calculate the available payload for a given city pairing, considering takeoff/landing performance limitations, manufacturers WB requirements and flight planning constraints. The flight planning element utilizes manufacturer’s operational data, in conjunction with current forecast weather conditions to calculate the fuel required for the flight. The fuel calculation includes fuel burn (optimized for minimum fuel or time), reserve, alternate and holding fuel.

In addition to including the RWA, WB and flight plan, iPreFlight™ allows the user to prepare a Flight Book, containing all textual and graphical weather products for the planned flight. The book may be prepared days in advance of the flight, stored on the iPad and can be automatically updated as products are revised. Approaching departure time the user can easily prepare a Flight Release, consolidating the RWA, WB, flight plan and weather products. The Flight Release may then be emailed, stored on the iPad and/or shared with another iPad, such as the other fight deck crewmembers’, by simply selecting the appropriate distribution method(s).

iPreFlight consolidates several preflight functions into one program, not only ensuring accurate takeoff and landing performance limits and correct aircraft loading, but allows pilots to quickly calculate the available payload and fuel requirements for a flight. In addition, iPreflight™ allows pilots to make last minute adjustments with just a few keystrokes. The Flight Release may then be saved on the iPad for review in-flight and shared with the other crewmember,
Application Requirements: To use this application you must be an existing APG customer having a Runway Analysis (Point Calculation) and Weight and Balance services account.

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