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May 24, 2014
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ipCam FC - IP camera surveillance


ipCam FC - IP camera surveilla Description

With ipCam FC you can control your IP cameras on the iPhone or make settings. Take access to your cameras over your home network or over the internet. So you can easily check up your cameras or use them as baby monitors. All functions and controls are integrated in a intuitive and visually attractive interface.

Features (please note: not all functions are supported for each camera)

•Real-time video stream
•AirPlay support over Apple TV, VGA or digital AV (HDMI) adapter, watch your cameras videostream in TV or monitor
•Access over local network (LAN, WLAN) or over internet (also 3G, 4G)
•Control your cameras over 8 axes
•Presets, camera positions, load and save up to 16 presets
•Setting the speed for manual or automatic control (Pan-Tilt Speed)
•Auto patrol settings (horizontal, vertical, horizontal + vertival), setup the interval and rounds of each interval
•Manual patrol
•Pause, pausing the current video image
•Setup motion detection (internal, external): automatic email delivery, email management, setting the internal motion sensitivity, optical and acoustic alarm, activate FTP upload with setting the upload interval
•Option for automatic driving to a preset on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
•Option for automatic saving of images on alarm (only for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
•Schedule can be set (for standard MJPEG IP cameras)
•Optical zoom (only for compatible cameras), digital zoom (pinch to zoom) also for cameras without a optical zoom function
•Turn the iPhone for fullscreen mode, with fully control ability
•OSD menu turn on or off
•control also in fullscreen mode (landscape)
•Save photos of the current video
•Send saved snapshots to iphone cameras roll or with email
•Setup resolution, frames per second (fps), brightness and contrast
•Mirror videoimage horizontally or vertically, for cameras hang headover
•MultiView, watch 4 or 8 cameras simultaneously (4 = landscape, 8 = portrait), by scrolling you can see up to 96 cameras, tab on the camera to switch to control mode
•Sort the camera list and multiview
•Enable / disable cameras in multiview
•Alarm on motion detection in MultiView
•Switch on and off the LEDs for network activity or IR LEDs (if supported)
•Access or system logs
•data usage for each camera, traffic overall and last session, display data rate per second
•Add MJPEG or JPEG Stream (also webcams are supported)
•PIN code (password)
•Import/Export, backup over iTunes File Sharing
•Multilanguage, currently english, spanish and german, further languages coming soon
•Requires iOS 4.3 or later, tested on iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5
•Support the retina display fully on iPhone 4 and higher

Many ip camera models from the following manufacturers or brands are supported:
7Links, ABUS, AGASIO, AirLink101, ALLNET, Apexis, Astak, AXIS, CIS CO, D-LINK, DBPower, Dericam, digicom, DIGITUS, dnt, EasyN, Edimax, ELRO, Encore, Esky, Foscam, hama, Heden, HIKVISION, HooToo, INSTAR, Intellinet, iPUX, kingstar international, LevelOne, Linksys, LogiLink, Loftek, Marmitek, Micronet, Panasonic, QNAP, SavitMicro, SMAX, Somikon, SONY, TENVIS, TriVision, TP-LINK, Trek, TRENDnet, wanscam, Wansview, X10-Airsight, velleman, Vivotek, Vonnic, Vstarcam, Y-cam

Please visit our homepage, to check if your camera model supported by the app.

If you have questions or trouble with the app, please write an email to our support:

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