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Feb 01, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Interval Countdown Timer Free


Interval Countdown Timer Free Description

The Interval Countdown Timer Free iPhone application allows you to define a sequence of time intervals and assign the sequence a name. Sequences can be "played". When played, each interval is counted down one at a time. When the current interval reaches 00:00, a sound can be played (or the phone will vibrate if in silent mode) or an alert can be displayed to inform you that the interval is over. After the final interval a buzzer/horn sound is played. An alarm clock sound is played for all other intervals.

The free version displays ads and is limited to only 2 sequences and only 5 intervals per sequence. The paid version allows you to select other sounds to be played at the completion of intervals.

I created this application because I wanted a hands free solution that could inform me when I needed to change activities while working out and listening to pod casts. The clock application required me to acknowledge the alert displayed to continue which meant I had to stop what I was doing an interact with the iPhone. This application solves that problem by continuing to countdown each interval without the user having to interact with the iPhone after the completion of each interval. While you can have alerts displayed or have the iPhone vibrate in silent mode, this application was designed with the primary communication mechanism being the sound played after each interval.

New for Version 1.2: Repetition Counts for Intervals!
You can now define the number of times an interval is to be repeated. By default intervals are executed once. Now they can be defined to be executed 1 to 100 times or to be infinitely repeating.

NOTE: Intervals have limitations if you run the application in the background. The mechanism used to communicate the completion of intervals while the application is in the background (called local notifications) is limited to 64 notifications. So if you create a sequence that has more than 64 interval completions (which includes counting repetition completions) and you switch to another application, your sequence may stop running after the 64th completion.

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