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Apr 17, 2013
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Insurance Claims Recorder


Insurance Claims Recorder Description

HomeTech, Inc., the leader in claims transcription, is proud to bring you our newest development- the Insurance Claims Recorder app for iPhone! This is the first app developed exclusively for the claims professional.

The Insurance Claims Recorder is the premiere method for recording claims interviews both in person and live phone calls. Easily and securely take recorded phone statements; live, in-person recorded statements; record conferences and meetings; and take dictation of contents inventories; field notes; letters and memos. The Insurance Claims Recorder gives the claims professional the ability to attach a claim number (or file name), the insured name, the interviewee name, and relationship to accident with each audio file.

The recorded statements are automatically uploaded and saved to our secure remote server concurrently as they are occurring. If your call drops, no problem! You still have that portion of your call recorded and securely stored. You can then access your audio files via our secure, web-based software for review, routing and transcription.

Eliminate the need for your hand-held digital recorder. Eliminate trips back to your office to record live phone calls. Let your iPhone and the web set you free from multiple devices!

The Insurance Claims Recorder app is perfectly tailored to the needs of the busy claims professional. Download the Insurance Claims Recorder app today!

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