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May 04, 2013
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iNoRisk.Audit Description

Create your own audit lists.
Document inspections digitally, with all details incl. photos.
Directly send all documents to any recipient.
Download audit checklists to save time instead of preparing own lists.

If this has convinced you, we recommend the iNoRisk.Intl upgrade.
Compared to iNoRisk.Audit, iNoRisk.Intl has got these additional features:
- up to 3 consultants / letterheads can be created
- a general risk assessment is included
- instructions can be documented
- any number of own and downloaded lists of questions / checklists can be used in specific audits
- Meeting records including scanned or photographed lists of signatures can be prepared
- All participants of a meeting can follow the records via a video projector (only with iPad 2)
- the final version of all minutes can be sent to all the participants at the end of a meeting. We like to impress the participants by having the minutes waiting for them in an e-mail when they return to their desks - minutes many used to have to wait for weeks until they got them.
- Performance confirmations can be signed, and the document with the signature will be saved as a write-protected copy. After the signature has been saved it can no longer be edited (it goes without saying that the document can be deleted and created again, if it contains a wrong entry).

Generally, this app allows for almost any audit to be performed and documented.
The resulting time saving and efficiency is enormous.
One update provides for an audit plan to be drawn up and sent to the customer, in preparation of the respective date.
Successively, further checklists will be made available for download.

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