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Apr 27, 2014
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iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator


iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility C Description

** iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator ** is the first app designed for both Mother and Gynecologist!

** Sensational ** By popular demand, the Fertility Calendar allows all Women to manage their menstrual cycle and their fertile periods.

Developed in collaboration with qualified Medical Practitioners at an international level, offering everyone the opportunity to monitor and check the progress of their pregnancy from their iPhone.

The sales leader in Italy, it has also conquered the hearts of many, many Women in Europe and South America.

** Do you want a child? Download iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator! **

iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator can help pregnant woman in a variety of ways, ranging from purely clinical advice to psychological, nutritional, aesthetic and general tips. 

iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator is not meant to substitute a healthcare provider but assist them in dispelling many myths and false taboos that Women around the world are faced with during this delicate period in their lives.


• Revolutionary and captivating device for Women
• Useful advice and support, fun and intuitive for Mother
• Innovative and indispensable tool for the Gynecologist 

For the Gynecologist the app is ideal in terms of convenience and managing their patients.


Functions for Women include:
• Automatic management of the menstrual cycle
• Statistics and forecasts for ovulation and fertility
• Daily register of symptoms and states of mind
• Tracker for sexual relations
• Notifications for contraception
• Display of luteal phase
• Super pregnancy modality

Functions for Mother include: 

• Detailed information for each week of pregnancy 
• llustrations of the fetus in each of the 9 months of pregnancy

• Calculation of expected delivery
• Display of duration of the cycle and pregnancy testing
• Agenda
• Register of symptoms and states of mind

• Data registration

• Pictures in 3D and 4D ultrasound 

• Recommended Foods 
• Hydration
• Yoga in pregnancy

• Counting kicks 

• Register contractions 

• Baby bag for purchases 

Functions for the Gynecologist include:
• Obstetric rules 

• Database their patients 

• Planning and synchronizing appointments 

• Fetal Biometry
• Calculation of the fetal weight

** iMom • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator, a new opportunity for those who are giving birth to a new life! **

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