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Aug 09, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 691

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iHUDisplay & SpeedCams Description

With iHUDisplay you can really impress your friends. What normaly is just provided in expensive cars you can now also get in your smaller cheaper car ;-)

iHUDisplay shows you the speed, direction and the present GPS-Time on a atractive Display. Just place your iPhone near the windshield and the mirrored display floats just in front of you.

Added to that, you can activate the alarm, which wil alert you if you become faster than the Speedlimit you set.


- mirrored Display on/off
- Speedalarm on/off
- Indication of Speed in km/h, knots and mp/h
- Indication of height in feets or meters
- Different colors selectable
- Speed trap alerter (can be deactivated).

With Version 2.0, iHUDisplay contains a perfectly integrated WORLDWIDE radar speed check. The application uses the FoxyTag database, which now contains locations for more than 34.000 fixed speed traps and redlight cameras.

The application gives a visual warning and (optionally) a sound warning at a good distance before the speed trap. If possible, the application simply informs you of speed checks in your direction.

To get up to date, only the dates in your region will be downloaded. To download the dates, you’ll need an Internet connection, which may require additional costs, depending on your provider.

Active radar speed checks warning devices are not allowed in every Country. Please verify the law in your Country.


iHUDisplay uses the GPS of the iPhone 3G. You need a minimun Speed of 5 km/h - 10 km/h to ensure a suggestive Indication. Be sure, that your iPhone cannot fall off while driving. (Don't clip the iPhone at your windshield, where it's prohibited by law.)

Suggestions and feedback can be submitted to

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