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May 05, 2014
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iDocs Pro for Google Docs™ and Google Drive™


iDocs Pro for Google Docs™ and Description

***Your first choice for Google Docs and Google Drive Viewing, Editing and Sharing.***

iDocs: the most intuitive and robust app for managing Google Docs and Google Drive on the iPhone. Create, edit, share and view your Google documents with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. From creating spreadsheets to live-editing text documents, iDocs Pro gives you a direct line to the full Google Docs suite.


☆Google Drive Supported☆

☆All-Encompassing Document Support☆

Create, edit, search, share and print all document types supported by Google docs, including .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, .rtf, .mp3, .mp4, .jpg and more.

☆Online Editing☆

Edit your documents and spreadsheets online using Google’s mobile web editor.

☆Convenient Sharing☆

Share your documents of Google Docs with colleagues and friends, make your ideas be presented and get your feedback in no time.

☆Magnificent Organizing☆

Organize your documents in collections as you wish.

☆Real-time Syncing☆

Your documents can be synchronized with Google Docs simultaneously. Always have at hand the freshest version of your documents. New files can be created in iDocs and uploaded to your Google Docs account at any time. (Internet connection required.)

☆Enterprise Support☆

iDocs will exceed your business needs with full enterprise account support.

☆Multiple Accounts☆

iDocs gives you full access to multiple business and personal accounts. Manage all your Google Docs accounts with trouble-free account switching.

☆Offline Viewing☆

iDocs is optimized for viewing downloaded Google Docs when out of wifi or cellular range. On a plane or out to sea, you'll be able to bring your work wherever your travels lead.

Extensive Features:
Air Print
Full Email Integration
Rapid Search Tool
Prioritize with Stars
Batch process with sharing, organizing, deleting, emailing and printing.

iDocs Pro fulfills your mobile productivity demands by marrying the accessibility of Google Docs with the brilliant design of the iPhone. Your efficiency will be blown through the roof with this intuitive app!

Notice: Google Docs is the product of Google, Inc. iDocs is not owned or affiliated with the Google Docs IP, which is the trademark of Google, Inc.

Rate and tell us how we can improve this app to better suit your needs. Our development team is eager to provide THE BEST productivity app on your iOS devices!

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