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Feb 05, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
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iClick Twitter Dating


iClick Twitter Dating Description

America's #1 Dating Experts show you how to click with your perfect partner on Twitter, the web's fastest growing social network.


Top Twitter Dating Tips from Scot McKay:

Identifying Partners
Creating a Snazzy Profile
Linking Up for Social Oomph
Interacting - Two Way Tweets
Connecting - Face to Face
Kiss - The Click Test



Write notes, edit and tweet them from the app.


RAPID FIRE AUDIO with Scot and Emily's perspective on these hot topics:

Date Many To Find One
Emily and Scot agree that the best way to find one great partner for the long term is to date as many people as possible in the short term. Ironic? Perhaps...but highly effective when done the right way.

Why do women write 'friends first' in their online profiles?
Emily and Scot provide the simple answer.

20/20 Foresight For Dating Wisdom
What can we do ahead of time to make sure we don't settle for less than we want or deserve in a partner later?
Emily and Scot offer a golden idea.

Should I Stick To My 'Type'?
What's the difference between sticking to my type and 'settling'? Scot and Emily talk about open-mindedness in terms of who we're attracted to.

Women Approaching Men Online
Shouldn't women write to men first online instead of waiting around for them to?

How NOT To Use Text Messaging
Text messaging has added a new dimension to communicating with those we're dating. It's a great way to flirt, but must be handled with caution. Here's why.

How Do You Get Over Shyness?
Scot and Emily cover practical steps to becoming a man or woman who can overcome shyness, become more social and...yes...enjoy a more fulfilling dating life.

Dating For Dollars
Do you have to spend a lot of money to make a first date great?

First Meetings: Hugs, Handshakes Or What?
If you've ever been unsure of how to greet someone you are on a first date with, Emily and Scot have the answer for you.

The Worst Possible Topic For First Dates
Emily identifies the one topic you should never, ever bring up on a first date...and Scot agrees. Do you?

Ending A First Date When It Went Well
Been on a first date that went well? Scot shares the ultimate secret for separating yourself as a man from any other guy she's gone out with. Emily takes it a step further. Do this and she'll...

Are You Too Picky Or Are You Settling?
What if you are dating someone and you like them...but there's just that ONE little thing about them that's making you wonder? Emily and Scot talk about what a genuine dealbreaker might look like.

The Truth About Pickiness
Is being picky a defense mechanism against failure or valid insurance against settling? You decide...

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