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Aug 10, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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Rating: 2

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iCar Comfort


iCar Comfort Description

Is your car as comfortable as a luxury sedan? Find out for sure with iCar Comfort. This is the only application in existence that can accurately measure the comfort level of your vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, airplane, ship, bus, or something else. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today.

You’re driving along in your car, pretty comfortably. It’s a good solid vehicle and you’re pretty happy with it. These are the thoughts you’re having as you stop for the light. Glancing to your left, you notice a beautiful new Lexus in the next lane. Hmm, how does your car compare with that gorgeous luxury sedan? Sure, a Lexus costs a lot of money but that doesn’t mean that your car isn’t every bit as comfortable. Does it?

Find out for sure with iCar Comfort. This application has sleek styling, is easy to use and you can count on its reporting. Inside iCar Comfort, you’ll find a specially formulated, carefully calibrated tool that has been extensively tested before release. Simply lay your device on a level surface, tap ‘Analysis’ and away you go.

iCar Comfort utilizes an accelerometer sensor to take the vibration measurement of your ride over a period of time then displays the results in graphical and report form. You’ll have a visual and text summary of the comfort level of your vehicle. Is it luxurious, comfortable, normal or bumpy? Imagine how you’ll feel if you discover that your car registers at the same comfort level as that Lexus!

The iCar Comfort app works on any vehicle, too. Got a pickup truck? No problem. Whether you want to check the comfort level of a plane, ship, bus, van, SUV, any vehicle at all – iCar Comfort measures up the comfort of your ride.

Not only that but you get an extra special bonus when you download this free application. From the main menu, with no more effort than it takes to tap your screen, you can start and rev your sports car then turn it off! A very cool feature.

Look at just some of the features you get in iCar Comfort:
* Sleek styling and easy to use interface
* Measures comfort level of any vehicle
* Specially formulated, carefully calibrated algorithms ensure accuracy
* Results displayed in graphic and report form
* Start, rev and stop a sports car from the main menu
* App is free for a limited time

You’re getting a lot in this application and it doesn’t cost you a penny, thanks to the developers celebrating the one year founding of their company. For a limited time, you can download iCar Comfort for free. Why not grab your copy right now while you’re here and start having some fun with it?

May all your rides be comfortable!

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