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Aug 14, 2013
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iCanvass - Door to Door Sales (CRM)


iCanvass - Door to Door Sales Description

The simplest Door to Door Sales app ever created. Perfect for outside salesman, campaigns, canvassing company's, fundraising.

1 Tap to locate your current location
1 Tap to choose the status/result
1 Tap to Save

Once saved you have the ability to view all your results as color coded pins on a map, or email your entire list as a CSV (excel file). You also have the ability to pick a date range that you want the results to be viewed on the map or emailed.

Data Tracked with 1 tap:
-Status (Not Home/Not Interested)
-Users info
-Date and Time inputted
-Location when inputted
-Full Address

Optional Data Tracked for (Leads) (includes above):
-First/Last name of Lead
-Create appointment (sent to device calendar with 2 hour reminder alert)

**As of now iCanvass only works for North America**

"Our life line is door-to-door sales. iCanvass provides us with a tool to make sure that we are capturing all the data needed to be an efficient D2D company." (Canopy Construction, one of the nations largest roofing companies)

"iCanvass gives us the ability to really track our salesman on an entirely new level. We know that for every 100 doors our salesman knock on we get 7.5 sales. Now we have an app to prove it to our salesman" -TyCo

"We have moved all our canvassers to iCanvass. I have them email me their spreadsheets at the end of each day. Now I know who is really knocking on doors. The time stamp is a great feature." (Absolute Contracting)

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