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Ibz Dashboard

Since eight years, the Belgian Federal Public Service Home Affairs has been reformed during a cycle of business process reengineering. During this period, the new board of directors decided to draft a unified management plan for the entire organization. Operational plans were developed per direction starting from the management plan. All of this was done using an in house developed method that will be explained later in the user guide.

Because a management plan with corresponding operational plans is only as strong as its quantified follow up, a method was decided upon to perform an almost analytic daily follow up. This method, as are all methods that are developed in house, was to be pragmatic, simple to use, and complete. This method will be explained later in the user guide as well.

Since the introduction of tablet devices in society and organizations is undeniable, and the board of directors follows this trend by working paperless, the Direction Ict decided to make the development effort to create an automated dashboard to follow up on the management plan and on the operational plans. It was called Ibz Dashboard.

The concept behind Ibz Dashboard was that it had to be scalable. On the one hand, it has to be able to follow up a management plan with only one management goal constituted of only one operational goal based on a single project of routine. On the other hand, it has to be able to follow up on a management plan with hundreds of management goals, each consisting of hundreds of operational goals, which in turn are a consolidation of lots and lots of projects and routines.

It must be clear that Ibz Dashboard is not a project management tool. It is a dashboard tool.

Since the Direction Ict is a strong believer in sharing developed methods and tools, it was decided to make iDashboard available to all interested organizations and people on a free of charge basis. We hope you enjoy using iDashboard, and are at all times willing to discuss possible enhancements to the tool or the method behind. We are also more than willing to take the time to explain our method and tool in more detail to you.

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