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Jun 27, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 2

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Hydra (Multi Remote Desktop Control)


Hydra (Multi Remote Desktop Co Description

- Really Useful App!! Really Stable App!!
- You can monitor or remote control looking at multiple desktop screen simultaneously (up to 3 units).
- You can hear the sound of remote desktop

- Support streaming sound. By Hydra, you can hear the sound of remote desktop.
- If you want to switch from remote controlling to monitoring, you can immediately switch
- Compared to other Remote Control App Hydra supports fast frame-rate to provide a fast response.
- Easy to manipulate.
- Support Retina display
- Universal Application.

[Getting Started]
- Install free Hydra Server on your desktop
- Run Hydra Server, and set up password
- Purchase Hydra at App Store.
- Enter the information of pc which you want to monitor or remote control
- Access desktop, and do monitor or remote control

[Feature List]
- Remote Monitoring: Monitoring can be worked while watching the screen of 3 units of remote desktop simultaneously
- Remote Control: Remote Control can be worked at separate desktop at the same time.
- Mouse support: one click, right-click, double-clicks, drag and drop, scroll
- Keyboard support: a key input and Ctrl, Alt, Window key combinations are supported
- High quality display transfer: The screen of desktop can be seen in the high quality.
- Power Control: desktop logoff, restart or shutdown can be worked.
- Encryption: All data which is transmitted is encrypted.

[Hydra Server]
- Supported OS
Windows XP 32bit, 64bit
Windows Vista 32bit, 64bit
Windows 7 32bit, 64bit
- Unsupported OS :
Linux , Mac.

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