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Aug 31, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.0 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 944

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Hunting Unlimited 2010


Hunting Unlimited 2010 Description

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Hunt the biggest game in all 50 states!

Hunting Unlimited is a fun, easy to play hunting game that features a wide variety of weapons, animals, and places to hunt. Whether you want to hunt boar with a shotgun or stealthily hunt deer with a long-range bow, Hunting Unlimited has it all.

Hunting Unlimited is a high-quality hunting game bringing the much loved THQ / Valusoft hunting franchise direct to your iPhone and iPod touch.

- Calling all predators! Hunt a wide variety of animals including Deer, Moose, Elk & ferocious Boar.
- Get Armed! Hunt with a high-powered rifle, a shotgun, an accurate crossbow or really test your hunting skills with the bow!
- Command the Outdoors. Hunt in all 50 states, each with a different terrain and conditions.
- Hone your skills and earn experience to upgrade your weapons, ammunition and other hunting.
- Upgrade weaponry and ammunition in the Pro Shop to tailor your arsenal to your hunting style.
- Ensure you have what it takes for that “one shot” by building up your skills on the range.
- As you master the challenge of the hunt you will unlock special rare animals such as the fearsome Hogzilla!

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