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Jan 08, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Hungry Worms! HD


Hungry Worms! HD Description

Hungry Worms is a fun and addicting game! Play for 3 min at a time to complete a level and unlock the next. Unlock challenge mode and play as long as you can too get the highest score!

Protect the apple from the worms by squashing them with your finger or fingers!
They come in different colours and sizes, some fat and slow while others might be slim and fast. Some add time over the 3min making it harder for you as more time passes more worms will come!

Green Worm gives you 15p when squashed!

Starving Worms (purple) adds 30 seconds if it reaches the apple in normal mode. In challenge mode it removes 30 seconds and you want to have as much time as possible!! Squash this worm and get 50p!

Blue Worm is a bit faster than the others and sometimes it pushes the others around or towards the apple! This worm gives you 25p!

Fat Worm is slow and pinkish. They take two bites of the apple and sometimes when squashed small worms come out it! this worm gives you 100p!

Small Worm is brown and can sometimes go by unnoticed after they come out of the fat worm. This one gives you 10p!

Angel Worms are yellow. these are nice so if you let them in the apple they give you 100p and if you get all five of them you get an extra 500p!

Tap the shield when it appears in the lower right corner. Just tap it and then tap the apple you want too shield!

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