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Aug 16, 2010
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Avg. score: 2
Rating: 207

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HP PhotoBook Lite


HP PhotoBook Lite Description

Use this free Beta app to create, edit and share photo books with flicks of your finger.

HP Labs has developed a unique new photo book authoring tool for the iPad. Instead of creating a book by hand, you simply point us to your online photo collection, Flickr or Facebook. The HP Photobook application then automatically creates an initial photo book from the collection of photos, excluding duplicates and poor quality photos from the book, using HP’s proprietary auto-crop algorithm to add visual interest to the photos, and grouping photos onto pages based on photo features such as time of capture. Our template-free layout algorithm automatically arranges any number and shape of photos on each page and enables easy, drag-and-drop editing of the photo book.

This application has been created as a research prototype and a proof of concept of our photo book authoring technology. We apologize for any rough patches you experience, but please keep in mind that we’re a small team of researchers and this software is still in Beta form. We would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. So grab some photos (unpruned photo collections work great) and create a photo book of your own!

Key features
-Compose professional-looking photo books using your Facebook, Flickr or iPad photo gallery photo collections.
-Your photo collection is automatically pruned and only the best photos are selected.
-Your photos are automatically cropped to add visual interest.
-Your photos are intelligently grouped on pages base on content and time of capture.
-And you can always add, delete, move, swap, and crop photos on a page to your liking – the layout adjusts automatically.
-Use the unique “Shuffle” capability to view alternative layouts for a page.
-Add text caption to the page and change its position on the page - the layout automatically adjusts to make space for the text.
-Professionally designed background themes and book covers.
-View your photo book on the iPad as naturally as reading real books.
-Save books in PDF format and share them via email.
-Order a print copy of your book through MagCloud.
-You can do all of these using simple touch gestures – anyone can do it!

Note: Users must turn on Location Services for this application to work properly. Without Location Services, the application is unable to access or view the iOS Photo Library. Please use the iPad Settings App to ensure that Location Services are turned on and enabled for HP Photobook.

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