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Jun 13, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 558

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Hip Hop Producer


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- v1.8 Update: Hip Hop Producer now includes over 150 samples!

- NOTE: Hip Hop Producer works best with headphones. Not the external speaker.

Now anyone can make professional hip hop music. Even if you've never played a musical instrument or written a song before, you can easily create great sounding original hip hop beats with Hip Hop Producer for iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose your favorite beats and melodies from over 120 exclusive samples and assign them to each of 16 beat pads. Configure the beat pads to loop, play once, or play only while you hold them. Then tap away to create your original song.

Hip Hop Producer packs more features than other music-making apps that cost more than twice as much. Here's what we give you:

- Over 120 exclusive professionally produced samples inspired by today's chart topping rap, hip hop, and R&B singles.
- All samples are royalty free for your music compositions* meaning you can create your song and it's yours to sell, give away, play at a party, or do however you please.
- All samples are cd quality (16 bit, 44.1 kHz)
- Guaranteed FREE future updates with more great samples.
- 16 interchangeable beat pads that can be assigned to any sample and any function
- Multi-touch enabled. Tap multiple beat pads at the same time.
- 3 types of beat pad functions: loop, one-time play, and hold-to-play.
- Editable volume for each beat pad
- Login to the Facebook Connect portal to let your friends know you're using Hip Hop Producer for iPhone.
- Full two octave analog synthesizer samples. Load the minisynth samples, change all your beat pads to hold-to-play, and Hip Hop Producer becomes a keyboard.
- Separate Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Snare, Bass Drum, Claps, Congas, and Tom pattern samples provide maximum versatility in creating your beat. Also, change all your beat pads to hold-to-play and Hip Hop Producer becomes a drum kit.
- Your configuration is saved automatically when you close Hip Hop Producer.

Hip Hop Producer comes with beat pads pre-loaded with our favorite samples, so you can start making music right away. To change the configuration, hit the mode button to get into EDIT mode. Then select any beat pad you want to change. Subsequent taps to that beat pad will change its function between loop, one-time play, and hold-to-play. Use the volume slider at the top to change the volume of the selected sample. Hit the change sample button to choose from over 100 samples to assign to that beat pad. Hit the mode button again to get back into LIVE mode and play your song. In live mode, "loop" beat pads will continue looping a sample until tapped again. "One-time play" beat pads will play a sound one time through. The sound can be stopped before it ends by tapping the beat pad again. "Hold-to-play" beat pads will loop the sound while you hold your finger on the pad, and stop playing the sound when you lift your finger.

We listen to our users. If there's a feature you'd like to see added, specific samples you'd like to have, or if you experience any problems with Hip Hop Producer, send an email to:

*Audio samples are authorized for use in both commercial and non-commercial music compositions only. Audio samples may not be distributed in sample libraries or any sample-based hardware/software.

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