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Nov 20, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Health Garden: Diabetic edition


Health Garden: Diabetic editio Description

Brand NEW. Want to be healthy? Well, this app is for you. Staying healthy has never been so easy. Now you can have fun while you are becoming more healthy. The Health Garden: Diabetic edition app is the most fun you will have with a health app this year. We have put together an enjoyable and easy way for you to track your daily health goals while you have fun at the same time. Staying on track as you live a healthy lifestyle with your diabetes is now possible. Physician tested.

Designed by health professionals
Ideal for anyone wanting to keep track of his or her healthy lifestyle
Easy to pick up and use
Allows for immediate feedback through the visual aid of your garden
Be guided by a helpful in app assistant
Daily tracking of the most important aspects of your diabetic lifestyle
Track your blood pressure
Track your daily weight
Track your am and pm blood glucose levels
Track your cholesterol level
Track your exercise time and type of exercise
Easy to use graphs to see how you are doing
Keep track of your next physician appointments
Set up appointment times and get reminders of your appointments pushed to your phone
Select from 3 lovely gardens and personalize it as you see fit
Your garden will be directly affected by your daily health tracking
Visual aids to keep you motivated to keep your daily health log
Email and print your health records for your next doctor’s appointment

Make the Health Garden: Diabetic edition app one of the daily tools you use in your journey to better health
Be sure to always seek advice from your medical health provider for all health care questions. This product is not intended to provide or replace the care and advice of your health care provider.
Too your health!

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