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Apr 09, 2014
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Happy Clock - Make Life Happy


Happy Clock - Make Life Happy Description

Make life more joyful and happy with Happy Clock! Set yourself an alarm that will remind you that today is precious and awesome.

Use Happy Clock as you Alarm and wake up refreshed with a smile, smirk, or in hysterical laughter with a note along your alarm! Set up three alarms throughout the day and stay upbeat, happy, and joyful! 
Have an incredible life and read quotes from the most incredible people to traverse history!

Keep Happy Clock on your desk and keep your mood happy!

Happy Clock is a beautiful desk clock that reports weather in real time and will automatically detect your current location.

Use sleep mode on and snooze into a restful sleep, don’t worry Happy Clock will keep the room nice and dim!

And remember, happiness is a two part upside down cake: one part being happy and one part making others happy!

Key Features

1.Happy, quirky, and witty quotes
2.Three Alarm Clocks to set throughout the day
3.Current Weather Conditions wherever you are or enter a specific location: City, Country
4.Dim feature, keep your device light to the ambiance you prefer
5.Making you happy!

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