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Apr 20, 2014
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HandzOFF Description

The only magic app that can be performed hands off*. The ultimate photo prediction app where you not only reveal their selected card in you iPhone but you PREDICTED it days ago and posted it on your favorite social network (Facebook, twitter…) and much more. The spectators will never suspect that you are using an app.
The first magic app, that does not directly involve the phone. The spectator is not aware that an iPhone has been used.


-Social Prediction:
A card is freely chosen by the spectator. The magician then tells the spectator that he knew which card he was going to choose and that he posted a prediction on his Facebook wall last night. The spectator logs in to his Facebook account and checks the magician's wall. One of the posts is a prediction and has a link on it. The spectator presses the link and a picture of the chosen card is displayed. The phone is never brought in play during the performance.

-HandzOFF :
The magician asks the spectator to name ANY CARD in the deck, they name the two of diamonds, it's an absolutely free choice.
You tell the spectator that you knew exactly what card they were going to choose. To prove that you knew the card they would choose, you took a picture with your iPhone of one card just before you met them. You then draw attention to the back of the cards explaining that each card has a song name written on it and every song name is different. You now tell them that just before you started the trick you were listening to a song. You ask them to open your music app and hear the last song you were listening to. They do and it's "impossible" by James Arthur. You now ask them to slowly turn over the two of diamonds and read what's written on the back. Written in permanent pen is "Impossible by James Arthur".

-Places :
You show a deck of cards, every cards has a famous city's name written on it. The spectator choose any card, he is then asked to open the maps app to see that the pin is dropped on Casablanca the same city as the one written on the back of the selected card. For the second climax you show the photo of the chosen card in the photos app.

-The callerID :
This effect should be performed for someone who is already in your contact list.
The spectator choose a card, then you ask him to calls you. Once you hear the phone ringing you ask him to take the phone and look at the picture you have assigned to his phone number. It's the selected card.

- Can be performed anywhere, on stage or close up.
- 3 inputs methods, no voice activation, G-sensor.
- Very detailed instructions.
- Practice mode.
- The spectator can even check the running apps, nothing to suspect.
- An ingenious method, never used before.
- Other presentation are possible, only limited by your imagination.
- You don't need another iPhone, or help from your friend to perform the effect.
- Support iPhone, iPod running iOS 5 and later.

-------- PLEASE NOTE --------
HandzOFF is designed for professional as well as amateur magicians, it comes with a long and very detailed instructions that you must read in it's entirety before you start using the app.The practice screen allows you to speed up your learning.
3 input methods are possible, 2 methods requires you to touch the phone but with the right misdirection the spectators will never suspect that you are doing anything. They will completely forget that you ever touched the phone. The secret move can be done as you remove the phone from your pocket. The 3rd method is HANDS OFF, you never touch the phone, the only time you touch it is when you launch the app, after that everything is done by the spectator. THIS METHOD REQUIRES A HARDWARE AND DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL DEVICES. You may already have it but if you don't you can get it easily for less than 10$. If you are buying the app solely for this feature contact me to check if it works with your device.
*** Please don't share the secret in the review section.

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