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Dec 23, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 35

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Habit Maker (Creating Success through Behavior Change)


Habit Maker (Creating Success Description

"A ★★★★★ app for those ready to make positive changes in their lives."
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Like Habit Maker only better!

This a full version of the popular Habit Maker Habit breaker app with all features unlocked.

Habits are the things we do easily without much effort or thought.
Are your habits helping you get things done?

Changing habits involves a few key steps:
Step 1: Become aware of the habit
Step 2: Record it (Write it down)
Step 3: Track your progress regularly
Step 4: Stick with it!*

HABITS: Track an unlimited number of habits. (Tracking over 10 habits may slow the app depending on device)

EASY/FAST INPUT: It is quick and easy to track your habits. Open the app, click on the happy or sad face to record your habit and close the app.

REMINDERS: Two types of reminders help keep you motivated!

HISTORY/CHARTS: You can view a history of your progress on the history page. Here you will find two helpful charts to help keep you motivated.

SET GOALS: Define a custom goal for each habit by choosing a number of "times per period" such as 4 times per week. Choose Day, Week or Month.

MOTIVATION: No one knows more about what motivates you than…YOU! Set up your custom motivations and we will remind of why you are working on this habit. Use photo or text to describe your motivation.

REWARDS: You’ve worked hard… you deserve a reward. Define a reward for yourself and we will tell you when you’ve earned it. Take a photo of your reward and it will pop up to help you stay motivated.

SHARING: When you are ready to share the good news on your progress this app makes it easy with email and FaceBook options.

SUPPORTLINK: Share your progress with a workout buddy, coach, mentor or friend via email.

CUSTOMIZATION: Make the app your own. Change the background colors or picture. Change reminder, award and motivation settings and more.

SERVICE: Email us with comments, questions or suggestions and we will respond, usually within 24 -48 hours. We love to hear from users!

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