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Jul 12, 2013
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 10

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GrammarPrep: Fragments, Run-On Description

Is it who or whom?
What words do I need to capitalize?
When am I supposed to use a comma?

Whether you are a student who wants to get better grades on tests and assignments, a professional who wants to communicate effectively in the workplace, or an English-language learner who wants to master English grammar, Pearson’s GrammarPrep app series can help you get your writing where it needs to be.

Good writing is key to advancing academically and professionally. The majority of employers say that writing proficiency directly affects hiring and promotion decisions. Your use of grammar can contribute to a lasting first impression – make sure that impression is a positive one!

Created by Pearson, the world’s leading educational company, GrammarPrep is the first grammar app built specifically for college students and professionals. With multimedia tutorials, quizzes and mastery tests, answer feedback, and progress tracking, it is the only grammar app that offers proven, educational-quality content. If you’ve used Pearson’s AlgebraPrep apps for math, you now have the same chance to improve your skills in grammar!

With GrammarPrep you can quickly and easily improve your writing.
- Learn how to recognize and correct common grammar errors through instructional videos and podcasts
- Assess your skills and see what you know with “Practice Tests”
- Test yourself with “MiniTests”
- Track your improvement through the “High Scores” progress tracker

Build confidence in your writing – download GrammarPrep today!

Coming soon! Other GrammarPrep apps to help you improve your skills:
- Pronouns
- Subjects and Verbs
- Using Commas
- Quotation Marks
- Apostrophes
- Parallelism
- Capitalization Misplaced Modifiers
- Wrong Word

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