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Jan 21, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 4
Rating: 6

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Got Light


Got Light Description

Got Light provides you with more then enough light to see your way in any dark space.

Much more diverse and feature rich compared to other flashlight apps out there including the ability create custom colors, listen to your music, choose special effects, even hail a Taxi!

Features include:
- 5 bright colors that already come with the app including White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red
- 5 custom colors that you create and save!
- Ability to quickly and easily scroll through all 10 colors and adjust brightness with ease
- A full MP3 Player to play all your favorite music, artists, audiobooks, playlists, and more!
- On screen music player controls to make navigating your songs a breeze
- Special effects including Strobe Light, Pulsing, Taxi and a strobing Taxi hailer that works every time!
- Fully customizable options that are saved and re-loaded automatically for you
- No silly bulb photos, Got Light uses every pixel on screen to give you maximum light!

Got Light has an unlimited amount of uses including:
- Lighting your way in the dark
- Brightening your day
- Book light for reading
- Hailing a Taxi
- Emergency flasher
- Alerting others that you are around
- Biking
- Camping
- Hiking
- Running
- Walking
- Jogging
- Power outage
- Be the life of the party
- Put on your own show
And so much more!

What to do when you get it:
- Swipe left or right to scroll through the colors
- 5 colors are available, turn your custom colors on to scroll through all 10
- Swipe up or down to adjust the brightness
- Double tap the screen for options
- Double tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the effects toolbar
- Choose an effect, or press Stop to turn the effect off
- Turn MP3 player controls on inside options, and they will be on screen when you accept

Helpful tips:
- 5 colors are available when you first get the app, to turn on all 10, double tap to enter options and set Custom Colors to On
- Turning Music Player to Off will automatically disable the on-screen controls
- Be sure to select Choose Music from the on-screen controls and select the songs you wish to hear, otherwise nothing will play
- To bring up the effects toolbar be sure you are double tapping at the bottom of the screen close to the device's home button
- For the highest level of brightness possible make sure the brightness in your device's settings are turned all the way up

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