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Oct 24, 2013
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 7

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Ghost Type - a typing tutor to master your iPad typing skills

Ghost Type - a typing tutor to Description

Learning to master the keyboard of an iPad is made easier, with Ghost Type from demografix. An iPad typing tutor created with education in mind.

• The only typing tutor that allows you to create your own lessons with your content to suit your child or students
• Inbuilt lessons from beginner to advanced, including Dolch words, that can be fully edited
• Flexible export and sharing of your lessons via email, Dropbox, iTunes or Bluetooth.
• Uses the correct school fonts and multiple student profiles
• Teacher or parent lockable to restrict student access and functions
• Innovative Ghosting keyboard to improve memory typing skills
• The best iPad keyboarding skills and development tool available
- Selected by many schools under volume education purchases

* The correct schoolfonts
Accessing the correct school fonts while using Ghost Type is simple and a wide range of fonts including Australian state education fonts, UK, NZ and USA styles are available currently.

Ghost Type contains a series of typing lessons that are aimed at improving both typing speed and accuracy on an iPad and features a unique ghosting keyboard option, aiding the user in memorizing the layout of the iPad keyboard.

You can create, save and share your own lessons to suit your own curriculum and year levels, with complete control over the management of the lessons. Use your spelling lists or any other content for your students or child to learn, all while learning iPad typing at the same time.

The Ghost Type keyboard displays the letters until you start typing. Type the correct letter and the keys on the keyboard remain faded out. Pause your typing, and the letters will fade back in. The fade-in speed can be set as very slow, slow, normal, fast and very fast via the settings. You can also turn the Ghost Type keyboard off via the settings and use a ‘partial’ setting. The app is also fully compatible with external keyboards. The app is in landscape mode only and does not support the Apple portrait dock.

* Social Media with Ghost Write
To keep things fresh, you can enter your Twitter and Facebook credentials and Ghost Write will have you practice by typing in the Tweets and Facebook updates. A feature that teachers or parents can also turn off and restrict access to.

* A lockable app
As a parent or teacher you can lock the app into a restricted student mode. When in student mode, lessons cannot be created or deleted and profiles cannot be changed. Other options are available depending on your teacher/parent choices. These include access to the Ghost Write function, home screen options and access to any external links.

Fully COPPA compliant.

* Take a Lesson or a Speed Test
The lessons work much like traditional typing programs on computers you may have used when you first learned to type. As you type in the characters, they’ll be lightened out. Your current character will be highlighted in green, while mistyped characters will be highlighted in red. As you type you’ll see the time elapsed, your average words per minute (wpm), and your accuracy percentage.
The aim is to try to type in the words as fast as you can without looking at the virtual keys. Once you finish, your various statistics will be recorded.
You will discover that it’s not that hard to gain speed and accuracy on the iPad keyboard.

* Love our App – Rate it 5 Stars
Help us make great apps. If you enjoy Ghost Type as much as we enjoyed making it, we invite you to tell your friends and family about Ghost Type and rate it 5 stars.

“I think the ghost keyboard is a great idea. The look and feel is great and it's pretty intuitive to us. Multiple profiles, locking aspects of app are excellent ideas - teachers will really love that, especially teachers who don't have 1 to 1 iPads.”
Richard, Australian Teacher.

We would love to here from you.
Please contact us at

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