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Ghost Detector Free - The Free Paranormal Scanner

Ghost Detector Free is a tool used to help you detect paranormal activity. Using the multitude of sensors inside your device Ghost Detector Free is able to isolate unusual electromagnetic readings and interpret them. By decoding the electromagnetic readings as ASCII or Unicode Ghost Detector Free is able to show you words that are hidden in the electromagnetic readings around you. Ghost Detector Free is also able to show you electromagnetic anomalies nearby by using high speed sensor sampling.

Ghost Detector Free has been used by professional paranormal investigators in Tampa, Florida.

Unlike other tools available, Ghost Detector Free utilizes advanced algorithms to configure your device's sensor's sensitivity automatically. So there is no need to fiddle with complicated settings.

The radar display in the middle of the screen displays nearby anomalies. A blue dot signifies an weak presence. A yellow dot a strong presence and a red dot and extremely strong presence.

It may take a few minutes before readings become reliable as it takes time for the sensors to adjust to your surroundings.

Works on iPhone and iTouch OS 3.0 or greater

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