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Apr 16, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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Get Rid Of Smoke


Get Rid Of Smoke Description

Discover Get Rid Of Smoke (GROS), the first game that helps you fight (and we mean fight!) the temptation to light a cigarette. When you feel you need to light up a cigarette, play a game with GROS and experience the feeling of crushing your enemy. 

Get Rid Of Smoke has been designed to offer three benefits every time you play:

 1. Develop an experience of power and victory over temptation to smoke

2. The game offers a reality in which smoking is associated with various aversive stimuli for your mind to integrate these elements into your mental map of smoking. 

3. At the end of the game you can apply a simple and effective strategy to change the physiology that takes you to feel the urge to smoke based on the techniques of NLP 

Why play to overcome the temptation to smoke?

One of the main challenges to overcome when you want to beat tobacco lies in the idea that "the habit is stronger than oneself”. It is therefore important to generate at mental level an expectation of power and control over tobacco. The gaming experience is a great tool to create in your mind a firm belief that you have the resources to overcome the habit of smoking. For thousands of years, all mammals have relied on games as a learning strategy.

Why associate new stimuli to smoking?

It is a fact that smoking does not please everyone. So, it is logical to think that your desire to smoke does not depend on tobacco itself, but the associations you have created in your mind between smoking and other stimuli and sensations. It is true that the desire to smoke is also influenced by nicotine. However, it only stays in your body a few days.

The challenge is not to overcome chemical but mental dependency. If you want to strengthen your decision to give up smoking, you have to give your brain the possibility to create new associations between tobacco and stimuli that reduce the urge to smoke. 

How I can reduce the sensation of urge to smoke?

The good news is that the desire to smoke is based on a set of combined ideas, feelings and physiology that your brain manages together. There are various strategies to change one of the elements and thus alter the feeling you experience. Get Rid Of Smoke offers to you a simple but effective technique based on a pattern of eye movements that you can use whenever you want to reduce the urge to light up a new cigarette.

This strategy is based on the technique originally proposed by Milton Erickson and popularized in Neuro Linguistic Programming seminars and publications.

Now you can overcome the urge to smoke with your iphone. Play a game every time you're tempted to light up a cigarette or whenever you have a few minutes. GROS is based on the techniques proposed by SensoSmoke System. If you want more information please visit 

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