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May 24, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Gay Finder Lite


Gay Finder Lite Description

Gay Finder is an elite matching service for males looking for males.

Gay Finder immediately supplies emails, pictures and phone numbers of all iPhone users from its service; they all are people who are looking for immediate love! Just check them and call them!

"Gay Finder Lite" is the free version of Gay Finder and allows users to have their own profile available on the service (absolutely free!), and to search for other profiles and display their pictures.

Details like usernames, emails and phone numbers are then not available from Gay Finder Lite, but only available if you decide to move on to the "Gay Finder" full application. This protects the privacy of other users.

Find Love Tonight!

As soon as you have created your profile, users of the Gay Finder application will be able to contact you, using the information you wanted to display.

Love is at your fingertips!

Find Lovers Close to You

Gay Finder Lite allows you to find lovers around your current position.

Tap a button, and random profiles in the chosen range around you will be displayed! You may search for profiles close to you, or even profiles available worldwide!

Receive Meet Cards for free

Receive MeetCards from other users!

They are free to send you any kind of information to you, including their contact information.

For Immediate Use

There is no silly web account creation to perform.

The first time you launch the application, you immediately choose a login and may upload your picture; it will then no longer be asked.

You may then click and Search and view other profiles pictures. Remember to try out the Gay Finder full application if you want to see their contact information displayed!

Your data is safe

Protection is made so that no one can log to or modify the profile created from your personal iPhone, unless they also use your personal iPhone. As long as your iPhone is safe, your data is safe too.

Also, note that the program itself doesn't scan any personal information. When creating your profile, you just provide the information you want.

Don't want to display your phone number? Or your email? Just do as you see fit!

An app for better dating

This application exists as a serious helper. This is a "no hassle" application.

It ends all "pay for any action" trouble people may have with other matching services. Gay Finder doesn't use any subscription fee; it is a lifetime access to a service that may change your life forever.

Do you want to know more?
Please check the Gay Finder application!

Important Note:
Remember to use parental control if you want to prevent unwanted use of this application.

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