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Mar 08, 2012
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3.0 or later.
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Gabby Tabs


Gabby Tabs Description

Gabby Tabs is kid friendly augmentative communication app that helps and encourages children to communicate. Developed by parents of a non-verbal child with autism, it puts power in the hands of parents to give their children the ability to communicate at home and on the go.

Intended for parents, teachers, and children looking for an easy to use alternative communication method, Gabby Tabs gives the user 3 customizable tabs, or categories, of things to talk about. Each tab holds 6 customizable buttons which, when tapped, plays a verbal/audible message. In addition, 3 customizable key words are available to the user at all times.


Gabby Tabs features:
- An easy to use, ready-to-go interface
- Personalize your tabs by importing images from your photo library, and / or adding your own label
- Use the included set of sounds or record your own voice, language or sound
- Kid friendly colors and pictures to draw interest
- No ads, hyperlinks or in-app purchases to distract the user
- Audio feedback encourages children to use it
- Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
- 25 images and 26 sounds to get you started


From our website:

When you think about where a child spends most of his time, it seems rather obvious that home would be the single most important place for a child to communicate.

The home environment naturally fosters independent, spontaneous communication. Much of the time the child is self-directed, communicating with family members about things that they choose. This makes home the perfect place to experiment with using technology to assist communication!

Based on our experience with our son, here are some suggestions about using alternative communication methods at home.

1. Allow your child to play around with Gabby Tabs. Give the opportunity to get comfortable with how it works and what it does.

2. Make it fun. Use Gabby Tabs with your child’s favorite activities. The starter vocabulary is purposefully vague. Encourage your child to request things they love.

3. Show them how it’s done. Going to eat some pizza? Use Gabby Tabs yourself to show your child how it’s done.

4. Be patient. Probably the best thing about starting with a different communication method at home is that you can take your time. Some kids will pick up on it quickly and others will need longer to make the connection or see how useful that communication can be. Don’t give up!


Please visit our website,, to
- Provide feedback on how we can improve Gabby Tabs
- Suggest or vote on product enhancements
- Report a bug
- Read about tips and tricks for the product and AAC usage
- Learn more about Gabby Tabs history and other upcoming apps!

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